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Judith and Jim Mastery-Level Coaching

Mastery Level Coaching


By virtue of being human, each of us weaves the external and internal into a personal life stance that becomes largely unconscious and inaccessible without help. We assist our clients in becoming conscious of these hidden allegiances and forbiddances, concepts we have coined, that drive their lives while at the same time we guide them toward a path of resolution and release.

We view coaching as the interaction with our clients across multiple aspects of their professional and personal lives.

External: Our task is to assist each of our clients in achieving their conscious objectives by starting with where they are at present and guiding them toward their desired goals.

However if they were able to achieve their ambitions on their own they would not need a coach. Clearly something, almost always unconscious, stands in their way.

Internal: Our task is to assist our clients to decipher, disentangle, and discharge the beliefs, attitudes, and feelings that stand in their way and hold back their initiative.

Without this second step any progress can only be technical and superficial and ultimately unsuccessful offering a false promise.


qouteJudith & Jim are blessed with an uncanny ability to bring the deepest yearning of your soul into the light of your daily experiences. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Judith & Jim as coaches they will lead you to the very edge of who you truly are and beyond.qoute
Alex Giorgio, President of Type E Personality Consulting, Sante Fe, NM

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