What Is Your Soul Calling

The Voice of Your Soul Is the Voice of Your Life

When Your Soul Calls, Wouldnít You Like to Think Youíd Be Wide Open to Hear?

But Isnít It True That the Voice of Your Soul Is Often Silenced by Your Busy Days?

However, the Soul Is Relentless. It Doesn't Quit.
It's Always There, Ready to Intervene at Your Service.

But... How Do You Know When Your Soul Is Calling?

What Would You Give To Be Sure That It Really Is Your Soul
Instead Of All The Mind Chatter That Goes On In Your Head?

That Would Be The Difference Between Being Hesitant And
Uncertain --- And A Life Of Confidence And Clear Direction.

You may think of your Soul as Fate. Or you may see it as a connection to the Divine. But some people donít feel it at all and spend their lives yearning for something they canít even identify.

From Judith & Jim: Welcome to Your Soul Calling
For many of us there are times in life when a window opens onto eternity---onto a feeling of clarity that reveals a specific direction and larger purpose for being alive.

When you are present, you can open to this clarity and follow the energy into deeper parts of your being where your soul resides.

When your soul taps you and asks you to follow, you can love your soul and give your all to the direction you hear.

If not, the feeling fades and the window closes.

Unless you decide to become aware of the Soul's language, the way the Soul calls out, you're likely to misinterpret the moment and understand what it was only when it's gone. And then you miss the passing chance and mourn the lost opportunity.
So What Can You Do?
How Can You Be Sure To Hear Your Soul
When It Calls To You?
This should be a very exciting question. Because when you open to that voice you open a channel to the Divine - in whatever form you experience the Divine.

When you follow that voice, no matter what happens you can't go wrong, because in the Soul there is no such thing as wrong.

And then your confidence becomes a natural part of your everyday life. Your Soul's strength becomes part of your heart and mind and the way you walk your life's walk.
Genuine, Real and Amazingly Honest
You are blessed with a gift to reach out and touch us deeply and you do it with honor, grace and humility. That my friends, is why I will stick with you and support your work and praise you to others because you are genuine, real and amazingly honest.