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qouteJudith & Jim bring fresh insight and new understanding to the subject of outstanding relationships in the workplace. Their spirited, heartfelt approach is an inspiration.qoute
Lawrence P. Murphy, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategic Officer, The Walt Disney Company

qouteJudith and Jim have been providing my team and me with executive coaching and help with leadership development. Their experience, insights, intellectual intensity, and humanist perspective on leadership have been invaluable to my team and me.qoute

Kevin Scott, Senior Vice President Engineering at LinkedIn

qouteYou really made a difference. Almost EVERY person mentioned you as amazing speakers. They LOVED your style, they loved you.qoute

Tracy Repchuk , Producer "From Dreams to Reality Summit"

qouteJudith and Jim combine empathy with incisiveness to deliver an effective and transformational approach to individual and team coaching.qoute

Deep Nishar, Senior Vice President Products and User Experience, LinkedIn

qouteMany thanks for your talent, skill, and support during your outstanding facilitation of a sometimes tense and always challenging group. The retreat days certainly met my expectations: your perceptions and skills were clearly evident – the reason for our beginning a new, very positive journey.
Lola M. Fehr, RN, MS, CAE, FAAN, Executive Director, New York State Nurses Association

qouteDrs. Sherven and Sniechowski are the perfect couple to help management, as well as employees, address problems with respect to human complexity in the workplace AND with an eye to less cost to the company. They are outstanding speakers: energetic, and powerful. They engage participants experientially, utilize humor and compassion, and keep the discussion at the level of everyday, practical reality.
Diane Beakey, PhD, Director Training and Organizational Development, CIGNA HealthCare

qouteI know only a handful of souls who have mastered their soul's calling and Judith and Jim
are among them.  This dynamic-duo are blessed with an uncanny ability to bring the deepest
yearning of one's soul into the light of your daily experiences.  They are a role model of
what is truly possible in our lives, not only as a professional couple, but as individuals.
If you ever have the opportunity to work with Judith and Jim as career coaches they will
lead you to the very edge of who you truly are.  I know.  They have done that with me.
Alex Giorgio, President of Type E Personality Consulting, Sante Fe, NM

qouteI was experiencing a bit of a personal issue and needed some outside help.  I went to Judith and Jim, and after just two conversations everything fell into place.  I have no idea how they did what they did, but it worked.  If you get a chance to seek their counsel you should jump on the opportunity immediately.qoute
Mark Joyner, Founder of Construct Zero and #1 Bestselling Author of Over a Dozen Books

qouteAt our recent Executive Retreat, it was really amazing how quickly we each took in your unusually gifted and probing supervision, like fish to water. Personally, I learnt so much about myself and my friends that I don't know where to begin to express my amazement and gratitude to you both.qoute
Shabir Randeree, Executive Chairman at DCD Group, YPO London, Education Chair 2011-2012

qouteAt the recent Executive Intensive we were all so grateful to have had the experience of your exceptional wisdom, knowledge, care, and compassion. I came away feeling strangely liberated from past beliefs that I wasn’t even aware of. It is wonderfully liberating in building the next leg of my professional journey. I look forward to pushing the door open even further, thanks to your one-of-a-kind point of view about unconscious allegiances.qoute
Clare Flynn Levy, Managing Director of FlexPaths and Former President of Beauchamp Financial Technology Ltd.

qouteThank you just does not come close to telling you how much I appreciate what you did for me and all the team at the London business retreat.  Everyone was glowing from the new insight and knowledge they gained from the two days we had with you. It was 10 out of 10 for the retreat and we are a tough crowd too.  The way you pinpointed the allegiances we each have was like watching a master craftsman practicing a skill that only few people in the world could attempt.  It looks so effortless, yet you know it stands on the edge of impossible.qoute

Kevin Eyres, Former Managing Director LinkedIn Europe

qouteThe real litmus test of your one-of-a-kind expertise for me was being immersed with you -  in action -  with our London Business Executive’s Retreat. Getting to the core of our individual and collective issues was so refreshing to see unfold over the 2 days. Above all, I bow to your presence and dedication to shine light on ignorance. Splendid, powerful, bravo! qoute
Andreas Thrasyvoulou, Founder and CEO, MyHotels in London   

qouteJudith and Jim are masters at helping people overcome and achieve. With their help, astute thinking and brilliant processes you'll be able to get rid of barriers deep within your heart that keep you stuck. They can guide you to the highest levels of success in any area of life that matters to you. They are genuine, heart driven, talented people who really care about others. This makes them stand out as teachers, trainers and leaders. I am very impressed with what they bring to this planet and wholeheartedly endorse them as people who can help you become all that is in you to become.qoute
Jack M. Zufelt, Author of The DNA of Success, Denver, CO

qouteThank you both sincerely for a highly educational presentation, as well as the experiential journey everyone enjoyed. People said you were literally a transformative experience…describing your work as literally a necessary stepping stone to peace in the world. They went on and on! And do know that our group is not prone to excessive praise! You truly were extraordinary.
Jeanne Blackstone, President, Institute of Noetic Sciences Los Angeles

qouteDuring our recent conference, I want you to know that your presentation on creating healthy relationships was the most highly rated and widely acclaimed workshop that we offered. I will be pleased to ask your participation again.qoute
Daniel A. Rushing, MD, Event Organizer, Oncologist, Department of Clinical Oncology, Marshfield Cancer Center, Marshfield, WI

qouteYour leadership at our staff retreat was an overwhelming success. Each individual came away with his or her needs having been met. Our group dynamics have all changed for the better! People are now more caring and more communicative! qoute
Greg Stuart, Director Center for Youth Services, Catholic Charities

qouteDrs Judith and Jim as a husband-and-wife team Judith and Jim are the finest world-class teachers it has been my privilege to meet to date on the entire Personal Development circuit. And the most caring. They really are quite unique in terms of their peerless combination of interesting background, education, training, field experience, and depth of wisdom and compassion. So wise, real, authentic, accomplished, interesting, qualified, experienced, and unique...Judith and Jim should be a household name in the US and beyond! qoute
Tom Albertsson, Keflavik, Iceland

qouteFor most of my adult life I’d been aware that a major non-conscious barricade had been stopping me from achieving the most significant life-goals I’d set for myself. Over the years, I spent hours and hours visiting numerous psychologists and counselors, repeating the same old life-stories in my attempt to find out what that barricade was, so that I could remove it and get on with my life. But to no avail.  Then serendipitously, I arranged a phone session with Dr Jim Sniechowski.  After my previous experiences, my expectations of the session with Jim were zero.  Yet instantly, unlike the other people I’d seen in the past, Jim recognized that there was a lot more to my main life-story than I’d ever realized.  In that one, one-hour session Jim was able to do what no one else had been able to do in the past.  Finally, I knew what was at the heart of my life-long barricade; and so now, for the first time, I know what it actually is that has to be removed.qoute 
Kashonia Carnegie, PhD, Former Ethics Professor, Queensland , Austrialia

qouteEvery once in awhile someone inspires a quantum leap in our awareness - and that's what the two of you have done. Now it's time for your perspective to guide everyone's struggle with living fully.qoute
Ruby Yeh, San Francisco, CA


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LinkedIn influencer
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