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Which Of These 7 Relationship Issues Do You Struggle With?


If You're Like The Rest Of Us, There's Something About You And For You In Every One


1) Do you Give Yourself Away in relationships? If so, what can you do about it?

You have to take your focus off the other person.
That is NOT selfishness but self regard.

2) Have you asked yourself - How can I tell if he . . .? - How do I know what she's . . .?

How do you find out? The answer is . . . Testing.
Whether you're single and looking or in a committed relationship.

3) What is it you want MORE than what you say you want? And why is it so difficult to know?

Unconscious Allegiances, that's why?
They are the chains that bind.

4) Are you looking for a clue that brings real change?

Watch your relationship . . . Patterns.
They mirror back to you what you believe.

5) If you could only Change The Other person to be just like you! Everything would be okay.

You can't. It wouldn't.
This is a case of expectations out of control.

6) Is the well-being of Your Relationship Your Top Priority? If not, why not?

This principle carves the path of mutual respect and love.
And it is the key to resolving differences.

7) Through Communication you discover the magic waiting at the heart of your differences.

You get to be loved for who you really are.
A love you can trust because it's a Real Love For The Real You.

Very Important

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