Do you believe that just because you’re human you know all about love?


Most people don’t. They assume that love will somehow
just happen . . . and then everything will be okay.

You start dating that way, you marry that way, and cling
to your belief, especially when things don’t work out the
way you want. But we assure you that . . .

Love doesn’t have to be a roll of the dice.

The relationship you long for is not only
possible, it’s waiting right in front of you . . .
if you just know how to look

Judith Sherven & Jim Sniechowski
Judith & Jim

From: Judith & Jim
Windham, New York

Dear Friend,

As much as you may have heard . . . and as much as people may believe . . .

Love . . . Real Love . . . is not something that happens by chance.

It’s not about luck . . . it’s not something that flies in on the wind . . .

In truth . . . it’s not even about destiny.

Real love is about you’re willingness to be open . . . and ready to go where
love takes you . . .

Because Love has it’s own designs for you . . .

And very often, what Love has in mind only partly has to do with what you have in mind.
But that’s the real beauty of love . . . the thrill and deep pleasure . . .

Because when you let Love into your life . . . REAL LOVE . . .

You open to seeing differently . . . you allow Love to come from beyond your imagination.

But . . . on the other hand . . .

If you aren’t open . . . if you’re waiting for love to do all the work . . . Love will not enter your heart . . . because it can’t . . . there’s no open heart to enter into.

That’s why we say that love doesn’t have to be a roll of the dice.


PS - I am now happily married!

I was an expert at knowing what doesn't work in relationships, but I couldn't seem to find what does work. After listening to Judith & Jim, I have a new sense of confidence and optimism. They addressed the specific areas of relationship problems I needed most. Now I have a solid idea of what a healthy and happy relationship is, and a strategy to attain it. PS - I am now happily married!
Kelly Cline, Baja California


 I Want to Know What Works » 

But First,
Let’s Take a Look at How It Is Now, Okay?

We assume you’re reading this letter because . . .

The Love you’re experiencing in your life is not the kind of Love you want.
Or, perhaps, you don’t feel any love in your life right now.

For so many people . . . men and women alike . . .
Love is a succession of false starts and failed relationships . . .

They seem to get off on the right foot and then crash and burn.

How awful . . .how painful . . . the surprise, the confusion, the anger, sorrow, depression.

Others feel like they can’t even get to the starting line.

Still others have given in, given up, and believe that love is a myth.

And what do they all have in common . . . loneliness . . . long gloomy nights asking . . .

What did I do wrong?

You’ve done nothing wrong.

We want to repeat that.

You’ve Done Nothing Wrong!

Because loving . . . Real Loving . . . Loving that Lasts . . . has to be learned . . .

And when in your life have you ever had anyone tell you . . .

Your parents, friends, teachers, even strangers . . .

What you need to know to make Love work.

If you’re like 99.9% of the men and women on this planet . . .

Your answer has to be . . . NEVER!

So how could you have done something wrong . . . when you didn’t have a solid foundation for Real Love to begin with?


Laughed and Cried

Your focus on the 7 Principles allowed us to learn more about our marriage. We've laughed and cried and worked on our healthy loving separateness and our togetherness. Thank you!
Patrick Lane, LCSW, and Pam Mauch, PhD, Columbia, Missouri


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Okay . . .
Enough of How It Is . . .
What Does It Take to Make It Different?

You need to know that . . .

You CAN Set the Stage for a Great Relationship

You CAN Invite Passionate Love into Your Life

You also need to know and believe that . . .

You Have Within You
All That It Takes to
Create a Lasting and Loving Relationship

But everything depends on you answer to this question . . .

Are You Open and Willing to Let Love In?

You may think so . . .

But if you’re not happy with the love in your life . . .

Or you don’t feel Love in your life at all . . .

Chances are you aren’t willing to let Love in because you don’t really know how.


A Wealth of Relationship Know-How

I was referred to your site by a friend and I'm now a tremendous supporter. You two have a wealth of relationship know-how. Keep up the good work!"
Daniel Amis, Queens, NY


So What Do You Need To Know?

There are 7 Principles you need to know . . .
And with them you can create Real Romance and Practical Real-Life Love.

But what could be romantic about “practical” love?

Don’t let the word “practical” put you off. It’s not like being practical somehow wipes out romance.

Just the opposite.

There’s a deep secret about Love in real life. A secret most people don’t know . . . because they’ve never been told or shown.

And here it is.

Real Love and Real Romance in Real Life is Very Practical . . .

We hope you weren’t disappointed with this secret . . . expecting something mysterious or otherworldly. That’s the kind of wishful expectation that makes Love in this life almost impossible.

Love that works . . . Love that lasts . . . is very down-to-earth. It’s something you can practice.

If you’re waiting for Love to sweep you away . . . you may feel that way . . . for a short time . . . but that won’t last a lifetime.

And that’s why so many people are disillusioned with Love . . . or what they think is Love.

But Real Love And Real Romance in Real Life Is Very Practical

AND . . . that’s what makes it more romantic . . . way more romantic . . . than any fantasy you can dream up.


Because fantasies usually burn out and leave you hurt, alone, and bewildered.

Practical Real Life Love is lasting because it’s Real.

What’s Waiting for You in
Real Life Love?

Real Life Love is Fun

Real Life Love Opens New Doors

Real Life Love is Healthy – Physically and Spiritually

Real Life Love Gives You More Confidence

Real Life Love Helps You Grow into More of the Person You Are

Real Life Love is Strong

Real Life Love is Patient and Kind

Real Life Love is Wise

Real Life Love is Passionate

Real Life Love is an Adventure

Real Life Love is Never Boring

Real Life Love is Bigger than the Both of You

Real Life Love is the Basis of Trust and Dependability

Real Life Love Will Get You Through Whatever Life Brings Your Way

Real Life Love is the Foundation for a Secure and Supportive Family

Real Life Love Lasts Because It’s Real

Real Life Love Loves You for Who You Really Are . . .

So You Can Relax and Let Yourself Be.

That’s just some of what’s waiting for you when you open to Real Life Love.

But Why Should You Listen to Us?

Good question.

So let us tell you about our background and experience.

For starters, we’re husband and wife Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski.

We’re best selling authors of four relationship books —
                 Be Loved for Who You Really Are
                 Opening to Love 365 Days a Year
                 The New Intimacy
                 The Smart Couple’s Guide to the Wedding of Your Dreams

As you can see, our focus is on love and relationships.

We’re both PhDs . . . Judith’s in psychology and Jim’s in human behavior.

We’ve been guest experts on more than 1100 Radio and TV shows.

We’ve written for or been interviewed by hundreds of publications including The Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, TIME, Newsweek, O, Redbook, Bride, Playboy, Parents, Cosmo, Bridal Guide, Men’s Health, and many, many more.

And we’ve worked with thousands of couples over the last 19 years in our private practice, in workshops, teleseminars, nationally and internationally.

But the depth of our expertise comes out of living what we teach . . . walking our talk.

We’ve been married for 18 years. It’s Judith’s first marriage and Jim’s third. We know where you are because we’ve been there.

And our marriage gets better and better the longer we’re together because it’s based on the 7 Principles at the Heart of our relationship.

So What Are The 7 Principles of
Love in Real Life?

1) The first principle has to do with your view of the other person . . . and it’s not what you think.

2) The second principle describes how a real relationship is created . . . and your role in that creation.

3) The third principle focuses on the sweetest aphrodisiac in any relationship . . . and if you think it’s sex . . . you’re only partly right.

4) The fourth principle tells you what to do when the going gets tough . . . and in every real relationship there will be times when the going gets tough.

5) The fifth principle is about enhancing your feeling of connection . . . what it takes and what you can do.

6) The sixth principle has to do with your openness . . . and how willing you are to go where love takes you.

7) The seventh principle reveals the deep treasures that are there in the differences between you and your partner . . . if you know how to embrace them.

When you understand and take in these principles . . .

You’ll be able to create and keep Real Love and Real Romance in your life.


The Principle Gift

If you can’t or won’t receive what someone gives you, you shortchange yourself, and you shortchange the love that wants to come your way. I never realized that before. It was a real eye-opener for me. Receiving what’s given to you completes the circle of the gift. That was the principle gift I got from listening. Thanks Judith and Jim.
Sara Danko, Windham, NY


Are You Open and Willing?
Will You Make the Change
You Need to Make?

Love is tricky because it’s something we all want . . .

And yet many men and women actually fear Love because they don’t want to get hurt.

We respect that . . .

BUT . . . getting hurt comes from not knowing what you’re doing . . . from not knowing what real Love is like and what it takes to create and keep it in your life.

So . . . because you’ve read this far . . . it looks like you’re ready and willing to do what you have to do to enjoy real and lasting Love.

So here’s what you have to do.

Stop Wishing . . . Stop the Fantasy . . . Start Making It Happen


Here’s How You Can Get
The 7 Principles of Love in Real Live
As MP3 Audio and PDF Transcript Downloads

If you really want to discover the depth and power of the 7 Principles of Love in Real Life. . .
It’s now time for you to take action.

You can get . . .  The 7 Principles of Love in Real Life

The full one-hour, edited and mastered MP3 audio file you can download to your computer.
You can burn the audio file to a CD and listen to it wherever you go.

Or, if you absorb better by reading . . . you can get The 7 Principles of Love in Real Life PDF transcript you can download to your compute. You can print out the transcript and take it wherever
you go . . . maybe to the side of your bed where it would be so much more convenient to read.

BOTH the Audio and PDF download of The 7 Principles of Love in Real Life

For a special combination price of ................................... JUST $37

Plus a Special Bonus

Do you give yourself away in relationships . . . obsessed with the other person's comfort, happiness, and security, while you sacrifice yourself?

Are you stuck in repetitive patterns and can't find your way out?

These are just two of the relationship twists men and women get tied up in . . . to say nothing of lost.

BONUS . . .we will include the downloadable MP3 audio of a teleseminar we did titled:

7 Common Relationship Mistakes

This bonus will help you cut through the knots to make sure you are loved for who you really are.
The Value of this Bonus MP3 audio is ......................... $24

So, for $37, you get . . .

The 7 Principles of Love in Real Life

Audio File

and the

PDF Transcript

plus the

7 Common Relationship Mistakes

Audio File

That’s a total value of $61  for just $37 . . . in other words. . . a 40% savings.

BUT . . . attracting Love into your life is not about money and percentages. It’s about changing your experience . . . about the pleasure and joy of Loving and Being Loved .

So It’s Time for You to Decide

If you don’t feel in your heart that this is right for you . . . trust yourself. Pass this offer by and we wish you the best.

If you’re wavering, just listen to what Jack Zufelt says about what you can have:


Become All That is in You to Become

Judith and Jim are masters at helping people overcome and achieve. With their help, astute thinking and brilliant processes you'll be able to get rid of barriers deep within your heart that keep you stuck. They are genuine, heart driven, talented people who really care about others. This makes them stand out as teachers, trainers and leaders. I am very impressed with what they bring to this planet and wholeheartedly endorse them as people who can help you become all that is in you to become.
Jack M. Zufelt, Denver, CO


AND . . . if you’re ready to take an action to bring Love into your life. . .

Just enter your first name
and primary email address
and you'll be taken
directly to the order page.

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Because It's All in the Connection,
Judith & Jim

PS - Before you go, we want you to know that, once you order, you’ll get the chance to TELL YOUR FRIENDS about this powerful, effective, and truly fabulous offer.

After all, if you went to a life coach or a therapist you’d pay . . . minimum . . . between $125 and $300 PER SESSION . . . And you wouldn’t have an audio (which you can burn onto a CD) or a transcript (or the bonuses) to refer back to. This choice is a no-brainer.

So, once you order, there will be a form for you to fill in with the names and email addresses of your friends.

Include them and they will know you care.

And you can BE ASSURED that they WILL NOT end up on anybody’s list. The only way we will know who they are is when they themselves order just like you’ve done.

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