Are You Afraid of Conflict?
Do You Wish It Would
Never Happen?

Would Your Life Be Better Off Without It?


But, What If . . .



Think about that for a moment.

Here’s a question for you?

What is the Cost of Conflict?

If you’re like everybody else on this planet, you, no doubt, have a lot to say. Because conflicts between family and friends, colleagues, lovers, husbands and wives . . .

They go on all the time.

The truth is that relationships even the best of relationships experience conflicts . . . from simple disagreements to differences of opinion all the way to fights. As much as you’d like to think otherwise, that’s the truth.

So here’s another question for you.

What is the Benefit of Conflict?

That’s right . . . the BENEFIT of Conflict. Can there be such a thing?

Straight Talk

Let’s talk straight about this.

Conflict is one of the most frightening and often loss-filled experiences we can have – whether in your love life, with a friend, a relative or with somebody you work with.

That’s most people’s experience. So it’s no wonder that most everybody would like conflict to just go away . . . vanish . . . disappear forever.

Well frankly, so would we. But, just as frankly, we’re not holding our breath.

At this stage of human evolution, conflict seems to be part of being alive.

So the question is . . . what do you do in the meantime?

Hide? Run? Rage? Collapse? Become paralyzed? Those are real choices real people make. And every one of those choices has NO payoff . . . except lots more pain.

That’s right, avoiding conflict brings nothing but pain . . . a pain that over time squeezes out your life force . . . vitality . . . joy . . . wonder. And with some people, even the desire to be alive.

We’re not telling you anything you don’t know.

So What Are We Telling You?

First, we’re saying that conflict is unavoidable.

BUT . . .

We’re also saying that there is a promise in conflict, a promise most people don’t know about at all and so can't imagine that conflict could possibly produce any benefits.

AND . . .

To that we’re saying that there is a hidden treasure in every conflict if you just know how and where to look.

Sand in the Oyster

Do you know where pearls come from? Yes, pearls. From oysters. But you probably knew that.

But do you know how a pearl is formed?

A bit of grit or sand gets lodged inside the oyster’s shell and . . . this is the important fact . . . the oyster experiences that grit as an irritation. A threat. It’s something alien. Something that has to be dealt with. A conflict.

What does the oyster do? It begins to secrete a special fluid around that piece of grit to stop the threat. The bigger and more irritating the grit, the more fluid the oyster releases.

Finally the aggravating grit is completely coated and the fluid solidifies. At which point the conflict is over and the oyster returns to being at ease.

BUT, what of that hardened fluid? What was originally a move the protect against a serious threat is now . . . the pearl.

From threat to pearl. From conflict to treasure.

That’s what is hidden at the center of your every conflict. A treasure waiting to be discovered.

How Do We Know?

Good question. But it’s not important how we know (we’ll tell in just a bit). What’s important is that . . .

You too can know if you want to.

You too can learn how to find the treasure at the heart of every conflict. If you want to.

And that’s what “The Promise of Conflict” is all about. A one-hour audio download that can turn your head around when in comes to handling conflict . . . that is, if you want it to.

And what have you got to lose. This audio is free. All you have to do is download it.

We’ve been told that we should sell it. Well, we’ve got plenty of other products that we sell.

But the power of conflict and the fear it raises is something we’re dedicated to helping people master. Why? Because the world will be a better place for the effort.

No. No. We’re not altruists. We make our living selling our books, CDs, teleseminars, and other products that help people make better relationships all around – from dating, through wedding planning, and on into lasting marriage, and success in their careers.

But since conflict remains the big bugaboo it is for most people, relationships are stymied from the start. So it’s better for you and for us. . . for relationships in general . . . that you know better how to handle your conflicts when they come up.

So that’s why we’re giving you “The Promise if Conflict.” That’s better for everyone.

Who We Are

We’re husband and wife Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski, best-selling authors of four relationship books —

  • Be Loved for Who You Really Are
  • Opening to Love 365 Days a Year
  • The New Intimacy
  • The Smart Couple’s Guide to the Wedding of Your Dreams

As you can see, our primary focus is on love and relationships.

We both have PhDs, Judith’s in psychology and Jim’s in human behavior. We’ve been guest experts on more than 1000 radio and TV shows including Oprah, The View, Canada AM, 48 Hours, and CNN. We’ve written for or been interviewed by hundreds of publications including the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, TIME, Newsweek, O, Redbook, Playboy, Parents, Cosmo, Men’s Health, and many, many more.

And we’ve worked with thousands of singles and couples over the last 18 years in our private practice, in workshops, teleseminars, and corporate consulatations nationally and internationally.

But we believe our real expertise comes out of living what we teach – walking our talk.

We’ve been married for 18 years and we know about what we call

The Promise of Conflict

We’ve had to find our way through our own conflicts . . . and we have.

So what’s the payoff?

Real romance and real love. A down-to-earth love that is more romantic, more meaningful, more rewarding, and mor fun than any romantic fantasy you can
dream up.

The pearl waiting at the heart of your conflicts.

So How Will You Benefit?

Download the audio file then listen and learn how to:

  • Identify the biggest obstacle to healthy conflict
  • Uncover reasons for conflict-phobia
  • Focus on fighting fair
  • Resolve conflicts to your mutual satisfaction and benefit

Discover how conflict can:

  • Open your mind and heart to see yourself more fully and with more value
  • Help you develop sincere and real emotional intimacy
  • Heal old wounds that are triggered by unhealthy conflicts
  • Create relationships that are safe and trustworthy

Also, you will learn the one essential question you must answer to make sure you are available for a mutually beneficial outcome to any conflict.

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Is There a Promise to Conflict?

Absolutely. All you need is to know how to find it. And that’s what this audio is all about.

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