Most of what you've been told about dating is wrong, even dangerous,
pointing you right at heartbreak. But . . .

"How Would You Like to Trust, Down To Your Toes, That From Now On Every Date You Go On, Every Single One, Will Be A Success — Every Single Time?
No Kidding. A Real Success."

Would you? Then welcome . . . you've finally arrived at
the turning point you've been looking for!

What if you would never again, on any date, feel the fear of being strung along, taken for granted, stood up, abused, or betrayed? No fear of revealing too much or too little. No fear of being bored or boring. No fear of wondering whether you're smart, sexy, strong, or sensitive enough. Knowing that who you are is exactly enough.

Do you want that? To trust yourself that much. And not just trust. What if you could guarantee it? Every time! And then know, really know, with your whole heart, that finding The One you're looking for . . . Is Just A Matter Of Time.

Judith Sherven & Jim Sniechowski

Windham, New York

Hi, Judith & Jim here . . .

Dating can be a real ordeal, right? A trial instead of time well spent. We know it. And you know it.

But, what if all that ordeal dating becomes a thing of the past . . . just a memory of how it used to be . . . so that you look forward to and enjoy dating.

No joke. Really enjoy. Every single time!

Well, in this letter you're going to find a different way to date, an approach to dating that will bring you what you've wanted. Because it's sincere, real, tested, and proven successful.

So, it's important that you read this letter . . . all the way through . . . because that shows you're serious. Also, you'll want to follow through with what you'll read on this page . . . and then watch every single date turn into a success . . . guaranteed!

Now, we're not promising the moon. If that's what you're looking for, we respectfully ask you to stop reading right now. We don't want to take any more of your time.

But . . . if you're looking for a way to date that's real, a way you really can count on, we can show you how to make dating relaxed, simple, spontaneous, fun, and most of all truly rewarding each and every time.

What Are We Talking About?

It's a way of dating we've developed and proven . . . to ourselves through our own dating (and we've been married for 19 years) . . . and through the countless men and women who've attended our seminars and been our coaching clients during that time.

It's a style of dating that you can be sure will work to your benefit every time . . . and it doesn't matter how the date turns out.

We call it

Smart Dating for Success Every Time: Guaranteed!

And we mean it. Guaranteed!

We know you're looking for something . . . some way that will work . . . and we have it.

That's the straight scoop.  We have it and you can too.

So we're going to say it again . . .

Every Date Can Be A Success Every Time . . . Guaranteed!

Listen to what Orna Benarie said after she followed our program and started to Date Smart for Success Every Time.


More Fellas Than I Could Handle

I've been following you two for about seven years now. I've practiced what you preach and it works! Because of your Smart Dating advice, when I started back up in the dating game, I suddenly had more fellas than I could handle, and they were all wonderful. The hard part was narrowing them down to one.

- Wendi Palumbo,
Los Angeles, CA



So Why Does Dating Have to Be Such an Ordeal?

Because for so many people dating's been just one bad experience after another . . . and even when dates aren't bad, they're not really good.

But since dating's the way most men and women go about trying to find The One . . . it's either dating or nothing. Don't you think it would be important to uncover why dating's so crazy making?

So we decided to ask.

We took two international surveys asking men and women . . . "What Do You Most Want To Know About Dating?"

We had a fantastic response — 58% women and 42% men. They ranged in age between 22 and 68 and both men and women had similar things to say.

Here are a few of their questions that begin to shed light on the problem.

How do I date without giving off a desperate vibe?
How do I stop getting attached too soon?
How do I find out key information early without coming on too strong?
Why does this pattern—start out fine and then crash—keep repeating?
How do I recognize issues before a relationship becomes strangling?
I'm 65. Where do I start?
How do I keep from feeling rejected?
Where do I go, instead of bars and clubs, to meet someone?
How can I make someone interested in me?
Is there a time when you're actually done with dating? I mean, forever?

When you ask even one of these questions and don't have the answer . . . you start out every date trying to catch up . . . and you don't even know what to "catch up" to?

That's what makes dating such a depressing ordeal.                                                                  

BUT . . . inside every one of these questions there‘s a HIDDEN MISTAKE that causes the anxiety, heartache, worry, self-doubt, fear of rejection . . . you name it . . .

A hidden mistake that, once you know it, you'll begin to see your way out of the mess dating's been for you.

AND . . . what's that mistake?

Imagine this . . .

You're sitting at dinner, or out for a walk and your head's just chattering away with . . .

"Why is he looking at me that way? Is there something wrong?"

Or "Does she mean what she says, or not? What does she want from me?"

Remember a time when you were caught in that kind of rattling anxiety.

Did you ever ask to find out if what you thought was happening was actually really truly happening?

Chances are you didn't.

And when you're both doing it, what chance is there to feel comfortable and make a real connection?


So, How Can You Stop  Suffering
Through Another Ordeal Date?


There is one single most important question to ask yourself about dating . . . and when you know the answer, you'll know where you stand each and every time

By knowing how to recognize real success on any date . . . you can stop the trap of playing catch-up and all the fear and doubt that goes along with it.
When you know how to avoid the triggers that make you uncomfortable . . . you are free to enjoy every date . . . every single time . . . and the door opens to finding The One!

If this is what you need to stop the dating struggle, get our new program Smart Dating for Success Every Time - Guaranteed!. . . and join the community of Smart Daters across the country.  


Don't Put Up With Another Dead End

"Stop dating like you have two left feet! This is the last resource you will need to turn your love life around. After years of reading dating and relationship material, Smart Dating is now my breakthrough "how to" guide. It's dating skills for the 21st Century. I now know what to look for, what to avoid, and how to be my own best ally. Don't put up with another dead-end, emotional drain, or unreciprocated love."

- Joher Coleman
San Fernando Valley, CA  



We Were No Different Than You — To Make Dating Worth It We Had To Learn Another Way

Here's Judith's story:

"I can still remember those nights when I was so depressed. I cried myself to sleep. The closest I ever got to marriage was being engaged-to-be-engaged — twice.

"I knew there was more to dating than what I was doing . . . if only I could figure it out.

"Then suddenly, I got it. Like a revelation . . . a thunderstroke . . . an insight that changed my life . . . forever. Not long that after I met Jim on a blind date and we've been married for 19 years.

Now Listen to Jim:

"My first marriage happened because I was young and I believed I was supposed to get married. Bad reason. My second marriage looked like it was going to last forever. But then life threw a nasty wedge between us and, try as I could, nothing would hold it together.

"After that, I decided I would never again do what I'd always done, even if it meant never being in another relationship. And that decision opened me up to possibilites I'd never seen before.

"When I met Judith, I knew, we both knew, some very special change had happened."

And This Is What Changed in Us

We both got past the fantasies and daydreams we had about dating and took back control over what we were doing. Without the other knowing it, we both made the same vow:

No more games . . . they only lead to more games.
No more trying to impress . . . trying to be what we were not.
No more trying to figure out how dates were supposed to be . . . instead we made them what we wanted them to be.

Recommending Your Approach

Every woman I know puts on a "front" when dating and it is never who she really is, so she never attracts who she would really be compatible with. Amazing! But, since I listened to your Smart Dating teleseminar, I will be recommending your approach to all my single girlfriends!

- Deborah Genovesi,
Los Angeles, CA



How Great Will It Be When You
Change the Way You Date?

Imagine you're getting ready to go out. And, instead of worrying about what you look like, or if you're interesting enough . . . or how you're going to act, or what you'll say, or if she'll like you, or if he'll call
back . . .

You're completely relaxed, eager to discover what will happen. How does that feel?

How does it feel to know that, no matter what happens, you can trust . . . down to your toes . . . that you're going to be okay . . . so that you won't ever again leave a date feeling frustrated, rejected, or like you wasted your time?

Because . . . once you begin Smart Dating for Success Every Time - Guaranteed! . . . you'll be able to make dating everything you want it to be . . . in fact, much more than you now imagine it can be.

Can you believe that? You should . . .

Because here's what our "Success Every Time" program has in store for you.
You will finally discover:

How to protect yourself from the emotional risks of dating . . . this alone is worth more than the whole package
Why "traditional"dating is not in your best interest . . . because it's about everything BUT your best interest
That you can get what you want out of every date . . . no matter how it goes
How to feel comfortable being in control . . . without the date being all about you
How to get rid of the pre-date butterflies . . .there won't be any need
What to do if you get into a conflict on a date . . . so you won't feel overwhelmed
How to recognize the kind of dating mind-set that leads to all kinds of problems . . .
even divorce
How being passive is the worst thing you can do . . . this is especially true for women
How Smart Dating is NOT about manipulation, coping, giving the benefit of the doubt . . . but IS about the fabulous freedom to be who you are



I Have a Real Relationship

I learned real-life relationship skills in your seminars and books that finally helped me have a real relationship and wonderful marriage. You've changed my life forever. And besides all the "work" you two have put out, your wonderful, uplifting energy is healing and inspirational to everyone who comes in contact with you.

- Kelly Cline, PhD
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Reserve your copy and you can begin using it just minutes from now.

Okay . . . If You Get All That,
How Will Your Life Be Different?

If you take in and practice Smart Dating for Success Every Time - Guaranteed . . .

You'll determine your purpose for dating and how this shapes every date you have . . . because without a purpose, you're at the mercy of whatever the other person does . . . and you don't want that
You'll know where to go to meet people you'll want to date . . . people who will be interested in someone just like you . . . and that's a matchmaker's dream
You'll be able to speak your mind without fear . . . so fear won't be a problem, and discover that that's a key to being attractive to The One who's looking for you.
You'll never have to tolerate one of those dreadful blind dates ever again . . . because there's an easy solution
You'll know that details like who pays the bill are no longer a problem . . . and it won't matter whether you're the man or the woman
You'll be able to spot your emotional resistance and know what to do about it . . . so you're negative head talk can't rule the date.
You'll take care of yourself first without being selfish at all . . . another key to being far more attractive than you now even imagine.
You'll understand the "Date the Way You Want to Mate" principle . . . and why it leads to successful marriage . . . a marriage built on real connection and feelings you can count on long term


Glimmer with Possibility

Your "Smart Dating Program" showed me how to see the light at the end of the tunnel and now I have real tools to create a healthy and satisfying relationship. Thank you both for your dedication and ease in sharing your gifts. The shared honesty of your lives and relationship makes the road ahead glimmer with possibility.

- Candy Listowski
Chicago, IL



Are There Other Programs Out There?

Of course there are. And if you're looking at other programs be sure to check them out carefully. If they don't provide at least most of what we're making available to you, then we ask why bother?

On the other hand, Smart Dating For Success Every Time - Guaranteed is exactly right for you only if you're serious and want to turn dating into an experience that leads to finding the one you're looking for.

Because finding The One . . . that's the whole point. Right

So What Should You Do?

Make up your mind that you will:

Not continue doing what you've always done before. Why would you want to keep
doing that?
No longer treat yourself in any way that keeps you stuck. You wouldn't treat others
that way.
Make an investment in the kind of life you want. Not short-term but real intimacy.
Commit to your future.  It's yours for the making.
And Start Right Now.


Secure Your Smart Dating Program

Because the Smart Dating package goes deep into the heart of what makes dating work . . . every time . . . without fail.

So when you start right now and secure your copy of the Smart Dating program, you'll get:

8 MP3 audio file downloads . . . covering dating from start to finish:
    #1 - Taking the Heat Off Dating
    #2 - Where Do You Focus: Inside or Out?                 
    #3 - The Most Important Question You Must Answer
    #4 - How Not to Give Yourself Away
    #5 -  The Hidden Blocks that Keep You Stuck
    #6 - Chemistry and Connection: One or Both?
    #7 - Change — The Key to Your Freedom
    #8 -  Finding "The One"
The Smart Dating PDF handbook transcript which includes the entire program along with Personal Action Plans that add to and support your listening
Your Personal Smart Dating Self-Survey — designed specifically to help you get a clear picture of how you approach dating and why
Your Personal Smart Dating Self-Worth Survey — designed specifically to help you see and accept the value you bring to each and every date
Your Personal Smart Dating Take-Action Survey — designed specifically to motivate you to step forward toward your goals and dreams
Six Inspiring Articles (read by men and women around the world):
    The Magic of Differences
    The Masks We Wear
    Are You Dating With Pizzazz?
    On the Other Side of Insecurity
    Forbidden Fruit . . . Or Not?
    Be Loved for Who You Really Are
5 Personal Take-Action Plans
Your Personal Romance I.Q. Quiz
40 Places to Meet and Mingle


And Our Good Faith Guarantee


It's really simple.

All you have to do is give the Smart Dating Program your honest and sincere effort. You must be completely delighted with the information you get from this course or we'll send you every penny back  . . . no questions asked. (And you'll even get to keep theentire download package).


So What's Your Investment?

The "Smart Dating" Package contains:

The 8 CD Program
The Smart Dating Handbook
Your Personal Smart Dating Self-Survey
Your Personal Smart Dating Self-Worth Survey
Your Personal Smart Dating Take Action Survey
Six In-Depth Motivational Articles
5 Personal Take-Action Plans
Your Personal Romance I.Q. Quiz
40 Places to Meet and Mingle
15 Follow-up Tips
And our Good Faith Guarantee

Because we're so committed to your success, we're taking all the risk so there's zero risk to you.


My Focus Shifted

My curiosity got the best of me when you said, " Make every date a success." I thought either they are full of bull or they're preaching some phoney game-playing system. But after about ten minutes my focus shifted. I realized I was focusing on the wrong outcome. Thank you for helping everyone get straight about what dating is really all about.

- Korby Waters, New Jersey



Plus These Special Bonuses


"The Art of Small Talk" — a One-Hour CD showing you how to master small talk and be comfortable in any social situation. ( $97 Value)

No More Small Talk Anxiety

This helped me greatly to overcome my small talk anxiety and become more comfortable in conversations. I'm dating with little concern about small talk anxiety before a date.

-Kenneth Petersen
Davenport, IA

Emotional Baggage: Curse or Blessing? — the One-Hour Audio and PDF Transcript Download of our very powerful personal process program so you can open your baggage and discover your blessings. ($97.00 Value)

For a Deeper Connection

You showed us that "emotional baggage"is not a curse but a real blessing, allowing us to know each other more deeply and to connect more intimately.

- Anne Miller
Windham, NY

Overcoming Negative Head Talk  — a One-Hour Audio and PDF Transcript Download, so you can uncover and eliminate the voice in your head that keeps you down.
($97.00 Value)

What You Can Do

You opened the doors by showing me how negative head talk begins and how it builds on itself. But most important you showed me what I can do about it.

- Joe Masden
Flint, MI


The entire package PLUS $312.00 in bonuses for just ............................ $397.00  

To Help You Make This Investment in
Your Fabulous Love Life

We're giving you two ways to make this investment in your future:

You can make your investment either as ●one full payment, or use our ● 3-part payment plan (service charges included).

Your Smart Dating Package  

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Don't Go Through Another Minute of
"Ordeal Dating." Decide Right Now To
Start Dating Smart
And Put Yourself On The Path To
Finding The One You're Looking For  —


Lock in your copy of Smart Dating for Success Every Time - Guaranteed!

Because It's All in the Connection,

PS –  Remember

You'll never have to worry about dating again
You'll trust your purpose for dating and how it shapes every date you have
You'll understand the 4 keys to confident, failure-proof dating
You'll know where to go to meet people you'll want to date
You'll be able to speak your mind without fear  
You'll know that details like who pays the bill are no longer a problem
You'll learn how receiving is a gift to you and your date
You'll be able to spot your emotional resistance and know what to do about it
You'll take care of yourself first without being selfish at all
You'll understand the "Date the Way You Want to Mate" principle and why it leads to successful marriage

PPS – You've got nothing to lose because you're protected by our Good Faith Guarantee

PPPS - But . . . Smart Dating For Success Every Time - Guaranteed is FOR YOU only if you want to turn dating into an experience that leads to finding the one you're looking for. If that's what you want . . . trust yourself. You're here on our site because you've finally arrived at the turning point you've been looking for . . . And we're ready to show you how to discover a real way to create the relationship of your dreams

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