Now then, would you like to - - -

 Find the love of your life . . . or

 Trust that the love you’re feeling is real. . . so you can

 Release the passion of your deepest love . . .??

Who wouldn’t?

Throughout time, poets, philosophers, and spiritual teachers have pointed to love as the true foundation of life.

But that’s only half the story.

Plenty of people claim they have been burned by love and they make a good case for that point of view. They are convinced that . . .

Love is overrated . . .

Love is just an illusion . . .

or, as Tina Turner sings . . .

“What’s love got to do with it?”

BUT — what’s the one thing both sides have in common?

They’re all talking about LOVE!!


Everybody seems to want it.

Well, not everybody. Some people actually dread it.

But whether you’re for love or against it . . .

Love is about a passion that everyone wants to feel.

And about a dream that is so relentless, so attractive, so powerful, that it never ceases knocking at the back of your mind, trying to get your attention.

Amazing stuff . . . That’s what Love is.


"You two go straight to the heart of the issue and you aren't afraid to deliver the whole story! Thanks. It was just the medicine I needed at the time."

- Maureen R., Canberra, Australia


So, What About You?

Do you want love? To love and be loved? Do you?Really?

If you’re not saying it, you’re probably thinking – “I do. I do.”

Then here’s a question for you. Have you ever asked yourself – “What is love?”

Good question.

It’s a question most everyone asks whether they’re in a committed relationship or wanting to be.

Okay. What is love?

Not the Hollywood cliché. Not an empty platitude. Certainly not The Rules. And not something that takes place on other planets.

Not the kind of love that 50% of couples vow and then end up in divorce court. And that’s not counting all those people who swear they love each other and then break up, leaving their hearts in pieces and their minds in a muddle.

No. What is real love? Love you can count on . Love that can not only make your dreams come true but lead you far beyond what you now know — to show you a love you haven’t even yet imagined.

So you can believe in lovesucceed at lovetrust love – and make the very most of love.

You don’t want to miss that. And we don’t want you to miss it.

"We have attended many, many workshops on relationship. Judith & Jim's are the best! Unlike other presenters, they share their personal struggles as well as their deep and powerful expertise."

- Gerry and Joan Fitzpatrick,
Logan Lake, British Columbia, Canada


Who We Are

You may be thinking — “Who are you two that you claim to know so much about love?”

Perfectly legitimate. Good questions.

Our public credentials – we’re husband and wife Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski, best selling authors of four relationship books —

  • Be Loved for Who You Really Are
  • Opening to Love 365 Days a Year
  • The New Intimacy
  • The Smart Couple’s Guide to the Wedding of Your Dreams

As you can see, our focus is on love and relationships.

We both have PhDs, Judith’s in psychology and Jim’s in human behavior. We’ve been guest experts on more than 1000 radio and TV shows. We’ve written for or been interviewed by hundreds of publications including the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, TIME, Newsweek, O, Redbook, Playboy, Parents, Cosmo, Men’s Health, and many, many more.

And we’ve worked with thousands of couples over the last 17 years in our private practice, in workshops, teleseminars, nationally and internationally.

But we believe our real expertise comes out of living what we teach – walking our talk.

We’ve been married for 18 years and we know about what we call - - -

Practical Love

Don’t let the word “practical” put you off. It’s not like being practical somehow wipes out romance. Nothing could be farther from the truth about real romance and real love.

Practical love is even more romantic than any romantic fantasy you can dream up. Why? Because fantasies usually burn out and leave you hurt, alone, and bewildered.

Not so with real love.

"I've taken Judith & Jim's trainings more than once, and I'm looking forward to the next time. I believe anyone who is truly committed to having a successful relationship should consider taking their trainings at least two or three times a year!"

-- Jeff Grossman, Orange County, CA

"In my fifteen years of searching, I have never experienced anything with the power and depth of Judith and Jim's work. The benefits are not short-term, feel-good benefits, but tools to last a lifetime. They have changed my perception of life and love."

-- Nancy McDonald, West Palm Beach, Florida


How Will You Benefit?

The truth is, without knowing you personally, we can’t know how you will benefit specifically.

But we do know that you will. Why?

Because the benefits of real love are universal .

If you’re sincere, if you really want real love in your life, here’s a sampling of what real love offers:

  • Real love taps into your deepest powers;
  • Real love expands your sense of who you are;
  • Real love opens the path to discovery and revelation;
  • Real love makes you feel whole and at home in this life;
  • Real love allows you to receive, perhaps for the first time;
  • Real love helps you to handle whatever arises in your relationship;
  • Real love helps you to let go and connect with something larger than yourself;
  • Real love quiets the fear you have when, in your most perfect moments, you glimpse who you are, who your lover is, and what your relationship can be.

You can trust love and trust that you are being loved for who you really are .


"Your training gave us a new awareness that the real beauty of love is in exploring our differences. We were afraid of our differences and we kept looking for the similarities. Now we see that the curiosity, the interest, and long-lasting love lies in the differences."

- Jill & Bob Leuders, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois


What Would You Be Willing to Pay?

What if you could realize the benefits real love promises? Say that you could:

  • Expand your sense of who you are;
  • Feel whole and at home in this life;
  • Handle whatever arises in your relationship;

Those are only 3 of the 8 listed above and the virtually limitless possibilities real love promises.

What would you be willing to pay?

If you realized just one of these benefits . . . you know you couldn’t put a number on that kind of growth. It would be priceless.

Well here’s what we are offering.

The edited and mastered “What Is Love?” one-hour audio file download and the edited PDF
transcript download

both for the special offer of just $37 (ordinarily $57).

Why Are We Offering You a Discount?

Because we know you want to trust love. For real.

You want to enjoy a love that's not fantasy, or wishful thinking.

And "What is Love?" will show you how.   

That’s a fact.

And that’s a promise.

So Now What? 

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It’s All in the Connection

Judith & Jim

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